In 4 games, Larry averaged 23 PPG (points per game). How many points does he need to score in the last game to have an average of 25 PPG? Explain how to use the mean and the data given to find the answer.

Accepted Solution

Larry needs to score 33 points in the last game to have an average of 25 PPG.

To find the answer, we can solve the equation:


(where p is how many points he needs to score in the last game)

To find the mean of a group of numbers, you add them all up and divide the total by the number of numbers there are. Since Larry averaged 23 PPG in 4 games, we can multiply 23 by 4 to get the total of the first 4 games from the data. Then, we find p, which we will add to get our final total. Then, you divide by the 5 games.


First, I simplified 4 x 23 to get 92. Then, I multiplied each side by 5 to get rid of the denominator. Finally, I subtracted 92 from each side to isolate p, and found that p = 33.