Please help! Will mark brainliest, thank, and rate to the best answer!This is easy math!ASAP!_____________________________________________This week, 300 tickets were sold to the school play. This is 120 percent of the number of tickets sold last week. How many tickets were sold last week for the school play? _________ tickets sold

Accepted Solution

Answer:250 ticketsStep-by-step explanation:This week, the tickets sold was 300.The # of tickets sold this week was 120% of last weeks ticket sales.To find out the number of tickets sold last week, first convert 120% into a decimal.120% = 1.2Now, divide 300 [tickets sold this week] by 1.2.If you do this, you get 250.That means 250 tickets were sold last week.To double check our answer, break down 120% again, but this time, differently.100% + 20% = 120%100% = 120% = 0.2Now, multiply 250 by 1.250 x 1 = 250.Now multiply 250 by 0.2250 x 0.2 = 50.250 + 50 = 300So, the amount of tickets sold last week is 250. I hope this helps! :)