Two negative integers are 5 units apart on the number line, and their product is 126. What is the sum of the two integers?A. –23B. –5C. 9D. 14Could you explain your answer?No need to spam answers, if you do it's should be report it's called "the answer is not applicable."If your answer is wrong, that's going a mark report it's called "the answer is absurd."Don't copied or paste your answers from other sites, if you do it's going mark your answer report and it's called "plagiarism."No joking answers!No Links answers!Thank you!-Charlie

Accepted Solution

Answer:Step-by-step explanation:| x - y | = 5x * y = 126x = -9; y = -14x + y = -23I'm not sure this may help you since I don't know how well you are at mental math so I just used guess and check by checking which pair of numbers would work.Since the numbers are 5 apart, and they're both negative, I check which pair is equal to 126.-6 * -11 = 66...-9 * -14 = 126Remember to start from a reasonable area.  Also, I just realized that you can use the process of elimination for this question last minute.  Since both numbers are negative, they add up to a negative number so you can cross off C and D.  You can cross of B since the only way to end up with a sum of -5 is if you end up having 0 and -5, and 0 * (-5) = 0.Please mark for Brainliest!! :D Thanks!!For more information, please comment below and I'll respond asap!!